We are a creative communications agency. We have been forging powerful relationships between brands and people since 1995. We understand peoples’ passion points and we use them for brand engagement. People are passionate about fashion, sport, music, entertainment, art and the media. We use these passions to promote our clients and to create BrandFans®.

We are the BrandFan® Agency.

BrandFans® are more than consumers or customers. They don’t just buy products or services. They are enthusiastic, knowledgeable and loyal. They will stick with a brand for the long-term, advocate it, and convince their friends to give it a try. They are prepared to invest in the things they are passionate about. We believe they are a brand’s most valuable asset. We specialise in recruiting and retaining BrandFans®.


The Capitalize BrandFan® Panel is a group of connected and diverse 16-24 year olds who are interested in brands and available to help our clients. We work with them to test new marketing ideas or to seed word of mouth, involving them in brainstorms and focus groups.

The Panel is located across the UK and is our eyes and ears for all the latest happenings in fashion, sport, music, entertainment, art and the media.

Joining the BrandFan® Panel is a great way to hear first about Capitalize’s work placements, internships and brand ambassador positions.

If you’re interested in joining or if you’re a brand that wants to take the BrandFan® Panel for a test drive, then please drop us a line at:

79% of students said that they became a fan of a new brand whilst at University and 67% said they stuck with that brand after graduation. As long as the relationship is started the right way brands have the opportunity to convert student audiences into lifetime consumers.

The UK student population represents a combined average annual spending power of £15.5 billion that comprises of mostly disposable income. They are also one of the most connected consumer groups, living in close proximity and constant contact with their peers, and so making fantastic advocates.

We know how influential students are and we have many years of experience in developing student campaigns for brands like Bacardi, Red Bull, Merrell, JD Sports Fashion, The Horse Racing Association. We know how to recruit, train, motivate and rally students. We know that our student campaigns create lifetime consumers and powerful brand advocates.

If you are a student and would like to become a Student BrandFan® Manager for one of our clients please email us on:


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